After showing in the previous articles what effects the history of the Internet has on electronic commerce and how the change from the scientific network to the electronic marketplace ultimately took place, I would now like to come to another important driver of e-commerce: globalization.

The interactions between electronic commerce and globalization are evident. On the one hand, the globalization of the economy, which has advanced further in recent years, will increase the importance of the electronic marketplace. Customers have increasingly got used to using foreign products when selecting products.

This sounds like a Palitude. But I still remember the time when in Germany you were considered extremely progressive if you dared to drive a Japanese car. Admittedly, the times are long gone. But I think it’s important to emphasize that it was an important basic requirement for e-commerce that Germans are used to buying foreign products. For foreign competitors, the Internet is the ideal sales channel for conquering foreign markets, and thus advancing globalization will further increase the importance of electronic marketplaces. Amazon, Alibaba oxer Paypal are good examples of this.

The interactions between the new information technologies and globalization are diverse. On the other hand, the growing importance of electronic marketplaces will force a further globalization of the economy. The market transparency in the markets will continue to increase sharply through the medium of the Internet. Databases on the Internet offer an insurance comparison in a matter of minutes. Companies that do poorly in price and product comparisons will come under increasing pressure. This development will lead to an even greater concentration on the markets. The retail sector is already noticeably affected by this, financial service providers and media companies will still feel this.

The Internet is thus the decisive medium with regard to the further globalization of the markets. Not only the processing of national markets is possible in a completely new dimension with the help of the Internet, also the development of the international markets is made easier via the global Internet.